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Hurricane Map

Hurricane ian

For the most up to date information on Hurricane Ian, follow our Facebook page. Click the button below to read the press release on how CFEC is preparing for the storm.

Storm Update 9/29 3pm

CFEC crews are working to restore all outages throughout the service area. At this time, we have 100 members out of power and are working diligently to restore their service. CFEC is lucky to have been spared the worst of Hurricane Ian and made it through with only minor damage due mainly to fallen trees. 


Storm Update

As Ian makes landfall around Fort Myers, CFEC crews are out restoring small outages in our service area. If crews are unable to work due to the weather, rest assured they will be back to restore outages once it is determined safe. Thank you for your patience as we work to keep the lights.

Preparing for Hurricane Ian

CFEC initiated its Emergency Response Plan on Sunday, September 25th and have been meeting daily to be proactive in our preparations for the storm. In addition to 13 line crews, we have requested an additional 20 mutual aid line crews, as well as secured another 41 contract line crews to assist in our restoration efforts once the storm has passed. For outage and storm updates, please be sure to follow the CFEC Facebook page.


Generator Safety

  • If you use a generator during the storm, it's important to know how to operate it safely and NEVER wire it to your home breaker panel or wiring system.

  • This can cause back feeding into our distribution system, presenting a risk of fire and electrocution risk to you, electricians and utility workers while making repairs down the line.

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