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Starting a new service

Central Florida Electric Cooperative, (CFEC) is a not for profit organized to service its members with electrical energy. CFEC requires a signed and notarized membership application and a $5 membership fee. This is a one time fee that is paid when someone applies for membership with the cooperative.

New Service at an Existing Location

When applying for service at a location that already has an established CFEC meter, the applicant must provide the following:

  1. Meter number of the meter at the location. The meter number is the silver tag on the meter with the numbers engraved on it.

  2. If the applicant already has service with CFEC, they will need to provide their current account number.

  3. If the applicant is not currently a member, they will need to complete a membership form in one of the CFEC offices or have it mailed to the Chiefland office. 

  4. If the applicant purchased the home, CFEC requires proof of ownership such as a warranty deed. Applicant will also need to provide their license.

  5. If the applicant is renting the home or property, CFEC will need a copy of the lease agreement. In the event the applicant does not have a lease agreement, CFEC will provide them with an Owner's Authorization form that must be completed by the owner of the property.

New Service at a New Location

 When a member applies for service at a new location that currently does not have a CFEC meter, they must provide the following:

  1. If the applicant currently has service with CFEC, they will need to provide their current account number. If they do not have service with CFEC, they will need to complete the membership application.

  2. Prior to building the service, CFEC will need proof of ownership such as the warranty deed, and a building permit from the county. CFEC will also need the license of the person applying for the service.

  3. Lastly, CFEC will need the applicant to sign an easement providing CFEC access to the property in order to maintain the meter and equipment on the members property. 

  4. Once CFEC has permit approval a staking engineer will visit the property to inspect and determine how the service will be connected to the home.

Main office:

Chiefland, FL 11491 NW 50th Ave, Chiefland, FL 32626

Cross City Office:

101 NE 210th Ave, Cross City, FL 32628

Inglis Office:

165 Hwy 40 W Inglis, FL 34449

Central Florida Electric Cooperative is a not for profit organization, providing its members with reliable and safe electricity since 1939.

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