CFEC Adult Education Grants

The Charity Board has decided to offer Adult Grants for those desiring to return to college to obtain their GED, Real Estate License, enhance their computer skills, and/or receive other accreditations or certificates.  The CFEC Educational Charity Board has set aside $40,000 (20 -- $2,000 Grants) to be used by cooperative members or those living in their household. 


It is the initial thoughts of the CFEC Educational Foundation Board that an applicant may only receive one grant.  However, over time the Board – depending on interest and relative success of the program – may reconsider this approach.   

These educational grants will be awarded to people who are at least 25 years of age or older. Applicants can find more information on these grants in the document below

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Next time you pay your electric bill, sign up for the Educational Round Up program. The monies from the Round Up Program go to the CFEC scholarship fund. These scholarships help students in our service area, reach their goals of furthering their education by attending college. To register for the Round Up Program, fill out the form attached below. Scroll to learn more about the CFEC scholarship program.

CFEC Scholarship Opportunities

The Central Florida Electric Cooperative Educational Charity, Inc. was incorporated in 1997.  Since that time 210 scholarships have been awarded totaling over $247,000.00. The Educational Charity is a Non-Profit Corporation, funded through unclaimed capital credits that were once given to the State of Florida. Contributions to  CFEC’s Educational Round Up Program also fund help fund the scholarship program. These scholarships are awarded each year to graduates of high schools within the cooperative service area. To be eligible for a CFEC scholarship, high school seniors must have at least a 2.5 grade point average and the applicant’s parents or legal guardian must live in a home serviced by CFEC. When selecting these students, CFEC takes in to account the student’s amount of community service, involvement in extra curriculars and the students’ academic achievements.


What a complete application includes:


1.  Original application.

2.  High school transcript including a community service printout.

3.  A recent original photo for publication in the Co-op Connection.

4.  A 200 - 300-word essay on why you need and deserve this scholarship.

5.  Three (3) letters of recommendation. (Optional)


Applications will be available from your Guidance Counselor by January 31, 2020 and completed applications must be returned by THURSDAY MARCH 11th 2021.

NRECA Scholarship Opportunites

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) offers students the opportunity to apply for several different scholarships to help them with educational advancement. Some of these scholarship are specifically for students who have previously been involved with Cooperative Youth Tour, however, there are also options that are not limited to Youth Tour participants. CFEC loves to promote these awesome opportunities for students in our service area. You can find information and links to three different scholarship opportunities below.