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Youth Tour

Each year, CFEC sends 6 high school juniors on an all-expenses paid tour of the state capital in Tallahassee. Three of the students from this group are later chosen to travel to Washington D.C. During the Youth tour, these CFEC juniors meet around 2,000 other students representing Co-ops throughout the United States. The Youth Tour exposes students to new opportunities, teaches them about the cooperative business model and their democratic government. These students are selected from Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy counties. To be eligible to apply, students must have CFEC as their electric provider. For more information on the youth tour, download the application attached below. Applicants can submit their application via email or turn it in to their guidance counselor. 

Reagan Hudson

Chiefland High School


I had the chance to learn about my nation's history firsthand and pay my respects to some of our fallen heroes.

Past Youth Tour Students

Jessie Lee

Dixie County High School


Whether you have a love for history, a passion for politics or enjoy meeting new people, I would highly recommend this trip.

Rieley Beauchamp

Chiefland High School


My favorite part of the trip was getting to make 33 new friends!

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