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Have questions about the Fiber by Central Florida fiber-to-the-home build? Visit our website to find out what phase you are in and the types of internet packages we offer. 


What is fiber?

  • The CFEC Broadband project will use fiber optic cables, strung alongside CFEC power lines to provide high-speed internet service to our rural consumers.

  • Unlike cable, DSL, satellite, and cellular internet connections, this fiber-optic technology can deliver lightning fast download and upload speeds, with no long-term contract or data caps, just competitive prices and exceptional broadband service.

How will this affect me as a Member of the electric cooperative?

  • CFEC, with the help of Conexon, will be extending fiber to ALL CFEC consumers as well as others living in CFEC territories wherever possible. Broadband customers will be billed separately from CFEC utility members.

  • Utility bills for CFEC Members will NOT increase as a result of the Broadband project!

  • In fact, proceeds from Broadband may one day be able to reduce the need for utility rate increases in the future. The greater the success of Broadband, the greater the reward for CFEC members!

Abstract Background

From the General Manager

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Denny George

"Our board of trustees and leadership team here at CFEC have been working on this subject for some time. We have taken the time to analyze the metrics, the process, and the need. We feel like CFEC is uniquely suited to deliver this service given our knowledge of and equipment in Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy Counties."

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